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Our solutions utilize the most advanced AI and machine learning capabilities available to save lives, optimize resources, and enhance the efficiency of the healthcare system.


DokTok - Digital Triage

DokTok© is our pioneering Digital Triage solution. DokTok enables the patient to describe his or her symptoms using natural language and then interacts with the patient, assess relevant symptoms and provides immediate medical triage & guidance – tailored to the patient’s unique setting. 
DokTok provides health organiza
tions with the ability to receive a clear and precise description of the chief complaint prior to visit and implements customized decision support that enables triage and other data-driven functionality. 

DokTok operates on a mobile or desktop browser, requires no installation and has an accessible and easy to use interface. The flexibility and adaptably of DokTok allows implementation in a varaiety of clinical settings - Emergency Room, Urgent Care centers, Healthcare call centers and Home Care. 

Qx Pathology - Synoptic Reporting

Qx Pathology© provides health organizations with the ability to create pathology reports with adherence to current clinical standards, while saving precious time for the pathologist. 

Protocols can be customized to the customer’s needs while maintaining adherence to the CAP clinical guidelines. Qx Pathology can operate as a standalone or an integrated component on the customer's LIS. 

Qx Pathology

Qx HomeCare - Structured Reporting

Qx HomeCare© provides health organizations the ability to produce clinical reports by physicians, nurses and other practitioners in Home Care settings. 

Qx HomeCare excels in generating comprehensive clinical reports via mobile devices, allowing caregivers to record details in real-time, on-site. This not only saves valuable time but also enhances the quality of medical documentation.

Qx HomeCar

Qx PrimaryCare - Clinical Protocols

Qx PrimaryCare© is our solution for nurses and physicians in Urgent Care Centers and Emergency Rooms settings.  Qx PrimaryCare specializes in documenting the patient's chief complaint efficiently and thoroughly, without missing any red flags and relevant background medical information. Qx PrimaryCare enables dynamic and thorough history taking, while significantly shortening documentations time - and can also act as an integrated solution with DokTok©, our Digital Triage solution (see above). 
Qx PrimaryCare can operate as a standalone or an integrated component on the customer's EMR. 

Qx PrimaryCare


At MaveriQx, our Mission is to empower healthcare organizations by providing digital solutions that enable precision and efficiency in healthcare delivery.



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